Saturday, June 27, 2015

Americans Spend $12.9 Billion on Cosmetic Surgery

Now it’s more important than ever to consider cosmetic surgery. In 2014, $12.9 billion total was spent on cosmetic procedures in the U.S., with the number of cosmetic surgery procedures down 12% since 2000 and minimally invasive procedures up 154% (American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

The primary reasons people say they decided on cosmetic surgery were to improve their self-esteem and to build their self-confidence. The physical benefits of cosmetic surgery may be obvious to the eye, but it is the emotional results of cosmetic surgery that many times provide patients with greater rewards.

If you’ve been bothered about the way you look, due to a flaw such as a nose that you may feel is too large or wrinkles that may make you feel older, cosmetic surgery can make you feel better about yourself. While many may feel that plastic surgery is not the answer to poor self-esteem, if you feel that there is an area that needs to be modified, it can be a solution to your better emotional wellness.

WARNING: You must be very careful when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Many issues are happening in the world of plastic surgery and below is a link to an article you may want to read that describes deadly butt injections.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

You Can Return High-Heels, Not Cosmetic Surgery

High-heel injuries are common among women, more than 3,294 emergency department visits stemming from high-heel-related injuries from 2002 and 2012 recorded in the Consumer Product Safety Commission's surveillance system.
Shoes may be returned or repaired, but what cannot be returned is botched cosmetic surgery. 

The first step in your consultation, is a review of the doctor’s credentials, their background, hospital privileges, years of practice, review before and after photos of the surgeries you’re interested and answer all your questions. At that time all cost and fees will be established and your surgery will be scheduled.  

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

If the Shoe Fits, Go with a Star Plastic Surgery Surgeon

Many women are very particular when it comes to selecting a pair of shoes. The rate of injuries for U.S. women associated with wearing high heels form 2002 to 2012 was 7.32 per 100,000, with most injuries consisting of sprains and strains to the foot and ankle (Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery). Like selecting a pair of shoes, you must also be selective when it comes to who your physician is.

Many physicians perform numerous surgeries throughout the year but it takes a real master to specialize in one specific field. Something you may not know is that many physicians who perform cosmetic surgery are not actually plastic surgeons.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is the only board approved by the National Board of Medical Specialties. Members are certified based on the highest standards and have done more than just take a weekend course in cosmetic surgery. Before choosing your surgeon, review the doctors overall experience and training, and most importantly their board-certifications as well as hospital privileges to perform the surgery that you are considering.

The plastic surgeons at Star Plastic Surgery have completed the necessary residencies and fellowships in order to become the experts that they are. Cosmetic Surgery is all we do and our physicians pride themselves on concentrating on the individual they are working with. Before you decide to get plastic surgery done, please make sure that you are working with an ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon. Having the training and expertise to create the best possible outcome is more than just throwing on a mask and a white coat. 

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