Friday, February 17, 2017

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is Misleading

It's that time of year again. The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is coming out and that means many men will be ogling the photos of the half naked swimsuit models. They aren't the only ones. Many women will be too.

Women look at the photos, beginning with Kate Upton who graces the cover yet again, and hold these bikini babes to a standard. They want to look exactly like them. They see no blemishes, no wrinkles, no stretchmarks. However, all of these photos are airbrushed with the latest technology to make these women look flawless.

Yes, the Sports Illustrated models are beautiful, but they're not perfect. No woman is flawless, but at Star Plastic Surgery we want you to get that look that will make you happy. We can't airbrush you, but we our team of board-certified surgeons can help you get that look you dream of. Call today to schedule your consultation and you'll be one more step closer to discovering your new self.


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